Friday, October 16, 2015


Good Evening Pastor. It's been a while. Hope all is well?May God's name be praised for giving us the privilege to witness another new week

Please find below our activities for the past week.

There was no much activities for the week .

On Monday October 5,2015, we had our usual Bible Study and it was handled by the pastor in charge of parish which was very interactive. We were all asked to give the teaching a suitable topic and we had responses like :
-Taking the giant steps
-Be focused on God
-Let your integrity speak
-Set your affections on things above

In all we had 6 attendees including our Pastor and Asst.Pastor...

On Tuesday October 6,2015, summary of lastweek activities ‎was posted especially for those that weren't around and our first timers to have a glimpse of how the parish operates.

On Thursday October 8,2015 which was meant to be Women's Meeting/Fruitful Women's day but we didn't see them. Probably they had other engagements.

 Pastor Lucy took us through bible study titled "Why am I doing this"? It talks about our confession to loving God yet we fail to do his will. We were admonished to ask God for forgiveness of sins. May God answer our prayers in Jesus Name.

We were asked some questions about the Holy Spirit and Fruits of the Holy Spirit. In all, we had 7 members including our Pastor as always.

See y'al nextweek. May God keep us till then and beyond. (AMEN)

 Thank you so much Chinco bee. God bless you. Amen.



  1. Chincobee our secretary-general. Kudos

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  3. God will bless you, our women's president and Diary of a Naija mom for encouraging our humble blog secretary, Chinco bee.

    Remain bless!!!

  4. Well done Chinco bee dear. God bless you for the good job you're doing.

  5. Thanks Chinco for taking your time to do this. Pastor Lucy I greet you.

    1. Carina dear am still expecting your mail. or have you forgotten???????

  6. Chincoo always on point, God bless u for this.

    Lucy what is ur email address?