Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Wow! This is very interesting and at the of today will know our winner! After marking the result, the only two people that participate have the same point and what we need is just a winner, and who will that be. Of course there is a prize waiting for the winner.
Quiz Answers:
Round I
  1. neubre -Reuben
  2. rasha-Ashar
  3. vile-Levi
  4. inmones-Simeon
  5. and-Dan
  6. phosjen-Joseph
  7. phalitana-Naphatali
  8. haudja-Judah
  9. lunbuez-Zebulun
  10. menbijan-Benjamin
  11. dag-Gad
  12. sacharis-Issachar

Round II
A,b (Jere. 52:30), b,a,a,b,a,b,a,b
Round III
Kirjatharba (Gen. 14:1) (2)melchizedek (Genesis 14:8) (3)chedorlaomer (Gen.14:1)
(4)marhershalalhashbaz (Isaiah 8:1) (5) belthshazzar (Daniel 1:7)

Quiz result:
Chicobee score:  22 point (Round I, 11) (Round II, 4) (Round III, 4)
Favour moyse score: 22 point (Round I, 10) (Round II, 3) (Round III, 9)

So am to going ask three questions and who ever score all, of course will be our winner.
Final championship question:
  1. In this blog, what is the fruitful women’s motto?
  2. Which chapter of which book is calculated as being at the middle of the Bible
  3. What is the name of the first person to comment on this blog and what was the title of the post .
  4. -   - ar - -t (fill  in the missing letters)
 I know these questions are very simple and you will be tempted to answer but Please this is between Chinco bee and favour moyse. Thank you!

And while we are waiting for them as bloggers let key into the atmosphere of prayer…..
In the name that is above all names, I declare every joy that has withered away from you, let there be revival now in Jesus’ name.

Every new wine God has destined for you and your family which the enemies have also planned to cut them off your mouth today, I also decree that in the name of Jesus. Their plans will not stand neither shall it come to pass in Jesus name. As God has planned and purpose so shall it come to pass, amen.
Today I stand in the gap for all bloggers that believe in our Lord Jesus Christ and for those that are yet to repent.

 I weep and declare that untimely death is not you’re your portion. Whatever the enemies may use to accuse and condemn  them,  Jesus spare thy people and  give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them: wherefore should  they say  among the people, where is their God.

It is written in your word o God…”And my people shall never be ashamed” honour your word in life of these bloggers,   for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name. I declare for their shame they shall have double.

I seal this prayer with the Blood of Jesus. For I pray with thanksgiving in Jesus’ name. Amen.
If you are a Blogger, rejoice for this is your month of “Divine Honour and Dignity” indeed you are due for them.

feel free to ask questions  
  we appreciate your comments and please tell  your friends about this blog and you will be bless!
The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise. Prov.11:30.
So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed. Act. 19:20
Thank you!


  1. Replies
    1. 2. psalm 117
      3. carina jacob 'as far as the eyes can see"
      1. women intercessory prayer group

    2. no 4.. could be a lotta tins tho, bearcat, dearest,chariot

  2. Aahahhahahahha ok lemme try

    1. " women intercessory prayer group"
    2. Psalm 117
    3. Carina Jacob and the topic was "As far as your eyes can see"
    4. Hmmm lemme go find that

    Pastor nawah ooo, this task is much o

  3. chinco bee and favour
    In this blog, what is the fruitful women’s motto?

    i know is the women intercessory prayer group.

    what is their "motto"


    the package is waiting........

    1. the motto is " be a prayer warrior" i really hope this is right mehn!!!!

  4. Wow They tried. They can be both be winners if possible

    1. well said!
      how are you, thanks for stopping by. hope to see more of you!

  5. Wow, they really tried. I had fun reading their answers. Hehehe.


  6. Wow alot have gone on here that i missed.. Please forgive me everybody.. It's not intentional.

    1. Pastor Gloria, hope you are doing well, I understand you've been so busy, I pray God to endowed you with Power, Wisdom and Grace in all your endeavors. Amen.


  7. Awww! Surely they know the WORD! Impressive