Thursday, December 03, 2015


Good morning distinguished ladies and gentlemen, Treasured readers and Leaders, this is the ay that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. 

Thank you our father in Heaven for giving us your only begotten son and leaving your Spirit till the work on earth is done. Amen!

I know am not the one to minister today but unfortunately have not heard anything from Naija Mom nor Amakamedia...... you will agree with me that sometimes even in our  different churches this sometimes came up.

But I thank God for this  Divine arrangement to Minister to you this morning...and I believe God has a purpose for this and that purpose will manifest in your life in Jesus' name, Amen!

  • If you are satisfied with your past and present achievement it is obvious you may not achieve more. There is no way you can rise above your present level if where you are is seen as your best.

When you just achieve something very little instead of striving hard for more you begin to celebrate and relax to the detriment of great successes.

You have to hunger and thirst more for God’s glory and purpose to be revealed in your life. And this can only be achieved by being in the spirit. It is indeed a good thing to hunger and thirst for spiritual things.
Matthew 5:6 and it says: Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled.

By the instrumentation of the Sprit, our Lord Jesus Christ grant us access to s God the Father.
In Ephesians 2:18 it is written: for through him we both have access by one spirit unto the father.

For you to have great and deeper Revelation from God on how to live a life of purpose, walking majestically in Grace, building your faith, indeed you need to encounter the spirit in a new dimension.

You must be determined to part ways with carnality. Listen to this, “a carnal Christian is led by the flesh, manipulated by lust and destroyed by pride”
If you want to be with enmity with God, then live a life of carnality. I guarantee you, you will have new friends that will keep you company and they are perpetual darkness and frustration.

Don’t you know that God will never reveal his secret to his enemies? To operate in the spirit realm, you must be born again and be baptized or filled with the Holy Spirit. Avoid things that do not give glory to go. Be sensitive to the voice of the Spirit and leave no stone unturned for your quest for God.

  • What is Inheritance?
It is the transfer of spiritual riches from God to us believers. Minister BMF talked to us on “Great Grace to walk into our divine inheritance but this can’t be achieved if you do not acknowledge “the benefits of the Cross” taught by Minister Gloria, and through these knowledge can you fully realize God’s purpose in your life and how to fulfill them, and of course that was handled by Minister Chincobee.

God created you and I and blessed with inheritance in Grace. This was preordained before the foundation of the world.
but we need to be spiritually matured to walk into this divine inheritance and this required time, I declare speed in your life to inherit your divine inheritance.

During Miriam's ministration, she encouraged us to have faith so as to walk into that great road of Divine Inheritance, without faith it is impossible to please God.
By promise, Abraham posses the land of Canaan as inheritance. from this minute you are entering your Divine inheritance.

 A man once had a golden opportunity, a divine inheritance indeed but he lost it through sin, a choice. talking about the first Adam but thank God for the second Adam, Jesus Christ that came and redeemed us.

Why not let go of your carnality and accept him fully into your life and receive Divine Revelation on how to possess your possession(MinsterAlabekee). just free your mind let go of your emotions your inability(Minster Precious) and embrace Jesus into your life.


  1. Well illustrated

    Thank God for this avenue. May God bless all the ministers God used. More anointing

  2. May God bless the ministers, more grace IJN. Amen

    1. Amen! Thank you Minister Temitope!
      you are highly favour!

  3. The Spirit is one.
    We shall be the doers of the words.