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Good morning my treasured Leaders and readers, I welcome you to another Great day of God's glory......

 Philip findeth Nathanael, and saith unto him, We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.

 And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see.
John 1:45-46

Today, we have Guest ministers to minister the bread of life to our soul and they Precious Nkeih from Cameroon and Naija mom(*smiles* i believe from "Naija" we all know she is a Nigerian indeed!)

I am immensely impressed with the respond of all my fellow Ministers to this 2015 Bloggers' conference! Thank you Jesus and I return all the Glory unto  you for by strength shall no man prevail.
I WORSHIP you SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD for the Grace upon Gloria, Chincobee, BMF and Miriam. Their messages were Divinely Spiritually networked and it only you God that can do it.
we say thank you!

 God sent his angels to visit Abraham, and they spoke life unto him saying..."I will certainly return unto thee according to the time of life" Gen. 18:9 and in Chapter 21:1 of Genesis the prophecy was fulfilled " and the LORD visited Sarah as he had spoken.
To Abraham these men were strangers but he honour them and gave them their due respect and that lead them to an extraordinary turn around in their lives!

And now,  by power of God upon my life I present to you....Precious Nkeih from Cameroon!


Years ago I suffered humiliation while seated in a French high school class. The teacher apparently made a joke and everyone was laughing their ribs out. Everyone giggled except me. I desperately wished I understood the reason for their laughter. The more they laughed, the more I wondered why they laughed.

I could not understand French to save my life. That was the reason I opted for the class in the first place. I could only exchange greetings in French. When the conversation deepened I became lost as a fish out of water.

My French teacher, a bald-headed middle-aged man with a face that hardly smiled was totally disappointed in my ability to demonstrate a working knowledge of French… and he wasn’t hiding it. He kept throwing shades at me but nothing shaded me more than when he approached my mother to address the issue.

I was utterly embarrassed but that was the very act that pushed me to intensify my study of French. I began studying French more than History, which I considered to be the most demanding subject. I was determined to wipe the shame off my face. I was determined to laugh at those jokes that I could not comprehend.

Whenever we find ourselves in pressured situations, we tend to do the things we weren’t doing before. The Biblical Character, Hannah found solace in the arms of her husband yet her co-wife, Peninnah pressured her to intensify her prayers for a child (1 Samuel 1).

Just like my teacher provoked me to seek to know French more, Peninnah provoked Hannah to seek to become a mother. She discovered that the love from her husband didn’t suffice like I discovered that my prowess in other subjects couldn’t make up for my inability to understand French.
Yet I turned the provocation into something positive. With a lot of hard work and focus, I emerged the best in French in my class during the pre-mock examinations of the GCE. Similarly, with fervent unending prayer, Hannah gave birth to a great man of God. God opened a womb that was once closed.

On the path to becoming who God wants you to be, you will encounter difficulties that seem like impossibilities. I say ‘seem’ because there is no such thing as impossibility before God- “For with God, nothing will be impossible”.  Luke 1:37. In every word, impossible is the word possible!

God is still in the business of helping you achieve what you think is unachievable. Water can come out of the rock. Are you ready to strike it? That hardened Pharaoh can release you. Are you ready to walk by the Spirit? That barren womb can be opened. Are you ready to give that child back to God? That ‘wombless’ tummy can become ‘wombful’. He is the same God that caused a virgin to have a son. He can do ANYTHING.

 So when you are laughed at, scorned and relegated to the background, remember that there’s a God that can turn the pressure into something positive. Don’t collapse under the weight of being shunned. Look at the price ahead of you and work with God towards attaining it.

To my fellow bloggers, always remember that words are powerful. The world came to be because God spoke. As we write, we ‘speak’ to others. Let’s ensure that we ‘speak’ in a way that gives life to others. I pray you enjoy all that God has in store for you.

 Thank you so much for the opportunity to share, Lucy. God bless us all! You can visit my blog at


  1. Great word of inspiration. God bless you Precious.

    1. @ precious...thank you very much! this is Rhema!!

    2. Thanks Lucy! All glory belongs to God.

  2. With God all things are possible. Thanks for sharing precious
    Topmost Tree

  3. Awwwww me likey

    Make a difference.

    1. Meditate on this rhema chi love.
      remain bless

  4. Wow! This is a powerful message. My God of possibilities will make all things possible.

    This is a powerful message,God bless you

    1. Behold I am the God of all flesh is anything too hard for me?
      Because you believe, I declare Divine Manifestation of God's Power in all your endeavours in Jesus' name, Amen

  5. Hello ladies, thanks for your kind comments. Off to read the posts from other contributors...

  6. This is great and awesome. I was really inspired.

  7. This is great and awesome. I was really inspired.