Tuesday, December 25, 2018


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I’ve never seen a God
Who does the things you do
Creator of all things
The earth is in your hands
Your rules of engagement is signs
and wonders  all times
Jehovah Nissi eh
My banner in times of war...

Esteemed friends of wisdombreeze, it is with a grateful heart that I joyfully say “Merry Christmas to us"
Yes it is Christmas!  A season of love as we all know, i mean true love from the heart and not the lips. Agape love. An unconditional love, my dear friends, please be there for someone today, be in present.

Gift or without gift be true and be you. Let your presence in someone’s life makes today’s celebration a lovely and memorable.
Just like the presence of our Lord Jesus is more than any riches, wealth and all the material things that can be offered in this world.

Above all, remember your first love (Jesus)…”why are you smiling? Who is on your mind right now?” wow! I love that spirit…let it flow, let it be contagious, yes! Put a joyful smile in someone’s life. Let your friends, colleagues, family, beautiful wife, able husband and exceptional children say to you with a lovely smile “Thank you for the loved celebration of this year Christmas.”

To all my fellow bloggers, merry Christmas to us!  I wish everyone happiness, joy, success, good health and above all a true and lovely people around you.
I love you, merry Christmas and a joyous celebration and Happy New Year in Advance.  Cheers!

Won’t you wish me a merry Christmas too?  I would love to hear from you, kindly use the comment box below, thank you.


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    1. I appreciate you saying that and I'm glad you stop by. I wish you a Lovely days ahead. Happy New Year in Advance!